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Storytelling in e-commerce: simple strategies and tips that work

Keywords: search engine optimization, digital marketer

Storytelling is one of the best marketing tools that digital marketers have been employing for several years. Storytelling involves telling the customers about a product using a story. It helps improve the retention value as the customers understand the product and service better. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. The combination of storytelling and digital marketing is very crucial.

The digital marketer has to be very cautious while storytelling. Here we will discuss the role of storytelling in e-commerce.

Let’s go by definition

While telling a story it should be kept in mind that it has an effective impact in attracting customers. There should be an element of emotion. It increases the chance of gaining the trust of customers. Storytelling has a positive impact on search engine optimization.

Some factors that are impacted by storytelling are

  • Sales
  • Loyalty
  • Brand image

Why should you invest your time and money in storytelling?

Storytelling has played an integral part in human life for several centuries. It helps to create a connection amongst our minds and the idea behind the story. Whenever we hear the name of rabbit and tortoise in same breadth what comes in our mind first? Slow and steady wins the race. Most of us have grown up hearing and reading different stories of princesses, kings, and dragons. Moreover, whenever we hear a story, we immediately feel a connection.

Same is the case with marketing where we tell a story to connect customers with our brand emotionally. Moreover, it ensures that the brand attracts only the right type of customers. They are the actual customers of brands that would be interested in its products and services.

Enhance brand value for your content

It has become norm of the day to read about a product you want to buy. Every customer does it, hence, making a space for content marketing as a effective tool. It has enabled the brands to promote them-selves as a genuine source of information.


In order to build brand loyalty and sales we need connection with customers. The technique of storytelling will allow brands to let customers know about other customers who are attached to the brand. This way the people will get to know more people like themselves. It will help create an emotional link between the brand and the customer.

Build a strong brand

Getting market share is very difficult for small brands. It is near to impossible for them to get themselves heard. When people will hear that your brand made an impact in someone else’s life, they will be attracted to your brand. They will want to learn more about you and your brand. This will increase the flow of traffic to your website and strengthen your brand.

Drive brand loyalty

Mostly brands don’t understand that they need to improve brand loyalty. They would spend thousands of dollars on advertisements every year just to bring back old customers. However, with effective marketing, all this money can be saved. For example, the brands can make people a part of their storytelling campaign. This way the people will feel attached to the brand and stick around.

Stand out from the competitors

Once a brand has managed to create a connection with its customers, it will get an edge over its competitors. Since the brand will have created loyalty, its customers will feel more comfortable buying its products and services. This will open up prospects for the brand. Storytelling gives a brand a clear edge over its competitors. The competing companies will take a lot of time in reaching the same point using traditional tools.